horsefirst_homepgThe safest, most durable and innovative products to house and transport your horses are found here.

The horse world is rife with traditional “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” products that utilize little to none of the knowledge lifelong horseman have hard-earned over the decades. Why wood barns? Why skinned trailers? Why, oh why, do we insist on nasty-underneath slippery-when-wet 4×6 black mats? None of these are optimal, each one can be deadly on a really bad day. And even on an average day, most of these products are vulnerable to the dark side of horse behaviors: spooking, cribbing, chewing, kicking, pawing. Hey, they’re horses. Even the good ones will do it now and again, and that’s all it takes for an entry on the honey-do list.

Rethink things the Horse First way. Safer. Healthier. Stronger. Innovative thinking that doesn’t ignore the equine nature and the realities that come with it, but instead creates an environment through the eyes of the horse. It’s a winning strategy for you as well, as that smart thinking and durable construction will give you lower amortized costs of ownership and far less maintenance and hassle.

Want to know more? We offer free consultations with a no-pressure approach. We’re here to help you make your farm and trailer dreams a reality. Horse First: Innovation that speaks horse.